Tips on How, Where, and Why to Massage Your Horse

We all want our Equine Athletes to perform their best for us, and we all want them to do so willingly, happily, and comfortably!

We are often asked for tips on how and where to massage your horses, as often as we are asked WHY you should massage your horses.

We decided to put together a series of pictures showing you some simple areas to focus on, why those areas are important, and the muscles that you will be targeting.

We hope you enjoy these, and we hope this helps you and your Equine Athlete Perform Better, Together!

Massage Zone- The Fore Quarters

Muscle Group – Neck and Shoulders

Massage Zone- The Barrel

Muscle Group- The Back

Massage Zone – The Hind Quarters

Muscle Group – The Rump, Hips, and Legs

For more information on the benefits of massage for your horse, please visit us here!

About AWhite

I am the owner of Equus Athletics and the inventer/designer of the equine sports massage tool, EquiStix. This blog is a place for me to share my passion and knowledge for horses and health! I love to get feedback about how I can improve my followers' and customers' experiences, and I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me! Happy riding!
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